Sean’s skills are extremely unique when it comes to the holistic viewpoint of player development. He is more than the average coach to our academy. At Galindo Tennis International, we believe that the quality of our leaders are based upon the standards they set amongst themselves. For instance, Sean’s integrity, passion, dedication, discipline to bettering each of his students on a daily basis, and keeping himself in optimal shape in order to bring out the best in each of his students. All of these admirable attributes are contagious to those that train on his court on a day to day basis. He engages frequently with each player and not only analyzes each of their weaknesses, but he also possesses the unique ability to turn those weaknesses into strengths. We truly believe that Sean is going to be a key factor in the development of our future athletes.

Coaching Experience:

(Galindo Tennis USA 2009- Present)
Sean is one of the academy’s first coaches since its founding.
He has managed over the years different program positions being instrumental in all of them.
He currently runs the foundational program and junior developmental program.
He is also teaching private, semi-private, and group lessons of all ages from beginners to intermediate players.

Playing Experience:

Sean was a late bloomer, who started developing his tennis game in 2004 in Philadelphia. He began his training with the Galindo Tennis Academy in 2009 where he has significantly elevated his level of skill since then. He has had success competing in the PCTA in 2012 and stays active with his game playing adult leagues.


PTR High Performance Certified


Florida Southern College (Biology Major)

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