L4S Foundation

L4S Foundation inspires and creates life opportunities for the excluded and underprivileged populations by uniting the values inherent in sports and service leadership.

At Love 4 Sports Foundation, we believe that the power of uniting the values associated with sports and servant driven leadership; will enable us to educate, support, and offer the underprivileged society an opportunity to embrace their future. Therefore, we have created a non-profit organization to satisfy our aspirations to better the lives of others.

The Love 4 Sports Foundation focuses on promoting the sport to pursue the support of human values ??and solidarity. The sport is an essential element of the education system and quality of life in adolescents, and adults. We want to help all the marginalized groups, financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally ill in order to bring the community together for a better cause.

The vision of L4S is to foster future generations to sustain a world of unity and coexistence.

One of our goals ​​will be to educate our athletes on the values ​​needed to help others, and understand the importance of unity and coexistence. Our obligation in the L4S Foundation is to share our passion for servant driven leadership by creating a chain reaction. We aspire to help our future generations with the intent that they will replicate our philosophy, and ultimately; they will give back to society with the same values and morals that we have passed onto them.

Our motto: “A reason to be United”


  • Organize competitions and charitable events, where our players get involved in humanitarian work.
  • Help young people who are disadvantaged by encouraging and inspiring them through sports and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop future leaders, ambassadors, mentors for future generations.
  • Academy international student trips countries of social and economic deprivation to help them.
  • Develop a sports academy that teaches the values for the right development of our students.
  • Teach our kids the importance of nutrition and exercise at a young age.
  • Create a yearly program that offers an opportunity for marginalized groups to improve their team working skills, leadership skills, skills and their self confidence through the delivery of a tennis educational program.
  • To promote fair play and respect to each other.
  • To promote the sport and the values ​​of citizenship through different media and events.
  • Participate in programs of integration into society of marginalized groups and people with disabilities.
  • Organize courses, seminars and conferences to spread the importance of sport in education.
  • Grant academic and athletic scholarships to students with lack of resources.
  • Collaborate with public and private institutions in organizing charitable activities and fundraisers.
  • Organize events to raise money for underprivileged kids.
  • Build a strong community involvement to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Promote unity to achieve our humanitarian objective.

Support Us

We truly believe that Sport can have a positive impact in the lives of many people. It possess the power of making communities united for a good cause.

We would appreciate your support to continue providing programs that can change lives of many unprivileged kids, raise awareness and help us promote sports for our many charity institutions and communities that we want to help and support.

By becoming a partner, volunteer, or providing a donation, you can feel proud that you are contributing to raising hopes and aspirations for young people, helping to change lives forever.

Please contact us to become a volunteer or sponsor, or let us know how we can help your institution.