Buy weekly sessions at a time for more flexibility

Buy as many session per week as you want that fits your schedule. You can change your days for every week you sign up. Also the more you come the more discount you get.


($60/session) 1 week expiration date


($50/session) 1 week expiration date


($48/session) 1 week expiration date


($47/session) 1 week expiration date


($45/session) 1 week expiration date



June 10th ? August 9th, 2019 (9 weeks)


  • What are weekly sessions?

    Sessions are singular purchases you can use towards a tennis program of your choice (sessions are not equivalent to private or group lessons). Every session purchased equals one training session for whichever program you select. By purchasing a session, you have more flexibility and less commitment than purchasing a subscription. You can buy between 1-5 sessions to use on the week chosen. With sessions, you can reschedule within a day?s notice or before 9 am the day of. Make up sessions will have to be completed during the chosen week unless the player is sick or your chosen program is cancelled due to rain or weather, in which case we will extend the expiration date. Sessions are more convenient but are also more expensive and include less benefits than our subscription plans.

  • What are the policies for buying weekly sessions?

    The policy for buying sessions is simple. You schedule them for whichever weekday/s of the week you would like to attend, (Monday through Thursday for junior development and Monday thru Friday for high performance) then pay for the session/week chosen. All sessions must be paid for prior to attending the session. Any existing player can purchase the amount of weekly sessions desired. However, if you are new to the academy, your child must complete a complimentary assessment lesson first. Sessions must be used during the week chosen. If you have to reschedule a session, you have to notify us a day before or prior to 9 am the day of the session. If you fail to notify us within this time frame, the session will be forfeited and is nonrefundable/nontransferable. We understand that sometimes unexpected illnesses happen and thus, if you rarely cancel outside of the designated time frame due to sickness without a doctor?s note, we will do our best to honor your session; however, we cannot make any guarantees as we need to reduce last minute cancellations because it impacts the number coaches working as well as the splitting of teams which ultimately affects all the players who do show up. Nevertheless, we will honor any sessions with a doctor?s note that are cancelled outside of the designated time frame. If rain or weather conditions cause a session to be cancelled, we will extend the expiration date.

  • Do you have a drop-in policy?

    Drop-ins are not available for classes with full registrations or clinics in order to avoid potential over enrollment or disruption in class continuity and quality. Drop-ins are only available if space is available and cannot be guaranteed. Payment must be taken prior to the start of class. Please call/text the academy management to check for space availability and rates depending on the program if you want to drop-in.

  • How do I sign in?

    A student may enter the academy by going online to the www.galindotennis.com and logging in to their personal account. If you are a new member, you must first create an account. Once you are logged in, the parent/guardian must agree to the liability waiver. Proceed by choosing your desired program and dates. If you would like to buy multiple weeks, you can email us at attendance@galindotennis.com with a list of the dates and weeks and we will add them to your account. You can pay online once we add these sessions into your account or by check. If, at any time, you have any issues signing in or navigating the website, you can call/text us at 863-733-5321 or email us at info@galindotennis.com and we will be happy to assist you.



Tennis instructions from top elite coaches in the country. We have a year round team that is devoted to our players and their goals


We have created a fitness program divided in different cycles so we can improve our player?s different athletic skills necessary to improve their tennis.


We have added match play in the morning sessions (singles/doubles) in order to develop the proper strategic skills to prepare them for competition.


Mental training, nutritional guidelines, self-motivation and team bonding sessions will be part of their training sessions. We like to develop our players as a whole.