Throwing, Kicking & Striking

  • Can have a rolling tennis rally.
  • Can stop a rolling ball with their feet and kick it back in a target direction.
  • Can throw the ball in the air and catch.
  • Understand the difference between under arm and over arm throws.
  • Can keep the balloon off the ground with and without using hands.
  • Be able to kick a ball along the ground with both feet.

Catch, Interception & Tracking

  • Can catch a ball into a bucket with a varying number of bounces.
  • Can stop the ball getting past them with any part of the body.
  • Can move out of the way of objects without getting hit.

Locomotion, Balance & Agility

  • Can balance on either leg, with & without eyes open.
  • Developing understanding of lateral movements; side step, cross over, karioka, fast feet.
  • Develop static balance on a line and large ball (one leg).
  • Understands the different forms of movement, walk, run, hop, skip, and jump.
  • Can balance the ball on the racquet face.

Cognitive Development

  • Developing an understanding of spatial awareness to other kids & activities.
  • Can communicate opinions & desires.
  • Has developed Auditory Comprehension.

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