• Introducing proper warm up and stretching.
  • Structured program around effective growth and development principles.
  • Players move at their own pace based on their ability, improvement and commitment.
  • Every level of the program has a simple set of objectives, and our pros make your child achieving each goal their priority.
  • Games are an important part of the program, and the children are exposed to games that are both fun and tennis-related to increase their movement, balance, and basic coordination for proper motor skill development
  • Use of mini tennis courts divided according to age and ability.
  • Introduction of the “Drop Feed Spanish System “drills to learn to work on footwork adjustment, eye coordination and acceleration. Intensity varies depending on level.
  • The children learn how to move effectively to insure good positioning and balance for each shot.
  • Depending on level and age the focus is on self- and partner-rallying skills on a smaller court to start the foundation of the child’s future tennis development to the next level.
  • Children learn the basics of tactical play for singles with an emphasis on swing rhythm for their groundstrokes.
  • We install mental focus and discipline in our students.
  • We want our kids to be good competitors with great sportsmanship and learn to enjoy the challenge with a positive attitude.
  • We will apprise you of your child’s progress as they advance through the Junior Development Evaluation System.
  • We want to be mentors, and be there for your child’s development as tennis players and great people.

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