• Every player will have a test level at the beginning of the program.
  • Application of specific training plan according with every group: beginners, medium or advanced players within the program.
  • Physical conditioning and developing strong mental skills is a fundamental part of our tennis program to build the foundation of a successful athlete.
  • Use of the “Drop Feed Spanish System “drills to learn to work on footwork, eye coordination and acceleration. Intensity varies depending on level.
  • Main objective to technique and tactical interpretation and to develop physical fitness to allow us proper development of biomechanics and tactical abilities.
  • Improve consistency in their strokes and as they improve we will develop court presence and movement with situational training and a play based approach.
  • Students will learn to adjust technical skills and adaptive capabilities as they start playing different opponents.
  • Teach them the importance of match play and competition for proper development and feedback.
  • Students will improve match play performance by practicing a lot of live situational match play drills.
  • Periodical fitness tests to measure the fitness level.
  • Teach new technique & tactics at low-medium intensity (simple - complex -complicated) as they conquer different stages of their own development.
  • Communicate and explain the goals to player and parents.
  • We will apprise you of your child’s progress as they advance through the new High Performance Evaluation System.
  • We want to be mentors, and be there for your child’s development as tennis players and great people.

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