Throwing, Kicking & Striking

  • Can undertake basic hand / eye racquet balance & striking skills.
  • Able to under arm throw with accuracy and depth.
  • Be able to throw a ball cooperatively to a partner.

Catch, Interception & Tracking

  • Be able to move forward and back to different heights & number of bounce balls and catch.
  • Be able to stop the ball with the racquet face and get the ball balanced on the racquet.

Locomotion, Balance & Agility

  • Ability to change direction, track & catch. Can skip with a rope.
  • Can change direction quickly responding to vision or sound.
  • Can perform a variety of ladder exercises with balanced change of direction.

Cognitive Development

  • Developing reaction time based on sound response.
  • Has started to developed visual perception, reaction time, tracking and anticipation (visual).
  • Has developed memory recall and problem solving skills.
  • Can maintain attention & concentration during mindfulness activities throughout the entire class.

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