• Develop eye-hand coordination and balance.
  • Provides an arena for positive social interaction.
  • Tennis participation may improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Tennis can be played over the life span.
  • It is good exercise and improves overall fitness.
  • Tennis will improve flexibility, strength, and healthy habits.
  • Tennis brings unity and a fun atmosphere!
  • The children learn how to move effectively to insure good positioning and balance for each shot.
  • Depending on level and age the focus is on self- and partner-rallying skills on a smaller court to start the foundation of the child’s future tennis development to the next level.
  • Children learn the basics of tactical play for singles with an emphasis on swing rhythm for their groundstrokes.
  • We install mental focus and discipline in our students.
  • We want our kids to be good competitors with great sportsmanship and learn to enjoy the challenge with a positive attitude.
  • We will apprise you of your child’s progress as they advance through the Junior Development Evaluation System.
  • We want to be mentors, and be there for your child’s development as tennis players and great people.

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