• Organized and directed by Grand Slam ATP coaches and a travel director with more than twenty years’ experience each.
  • Academy Technical & Fundamentals Assessment System Evaluation & Report
  • Play ITF sanctioned events which have players from up to twenty-five different countries per event.
  • Train on the road with players from our group as well as high level international players.
  • Mental Strength Training Plan + Evaluation will be implemented.
  • 24-hour supervision.
  • Personalized training to better help each player on the road as well as developmental training plans to work on what was observed after the international events and initial assessment.
  • Maximum communication between the coaches’ team, players and parents.
  • College guidance and roadmap as all coaches are familiar with the USA college recruitment process. We have obtained more than 5 million dollars in scholarships for our players in the last 15 years.
  • Adventure trips when traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures.
  • Competitive pricing offering this program to only a small group of players in order to give them full attention and maximize their development.

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